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Don't look at B mode as "maximise range", think of it as a convenience feature. If you are in D mode and take your foot off the accelerator, the momentum will carry you forward as you coast to a stop. If you do the same in B mode, the momentum carries you forward and also gets "consumed" by the battery, but the consumption process isn't 100% efficient, so you don't get back anywhere near as much as you've put out. But in B mode, if you still lightly press the accelerator, you can coast as far as in D mode, but with no regen. Having said that, I use B mode quite a lot in start/stop traffic, roundabouts, twisty roads, etc - basically anywhere that involves a lot of acceleration and braking, because I can do most of my control using just the accelerator pedal and only need to move to the brake to do a complete stop. Both modes are useful and have their place, but you can get the exact same range in either mode, so really use whichever you prefer the feel of and work on your technique. I view it more as a "coasting on/off" switch (which incidentally my old ICE VW had as well).
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