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Hello Parker,
I am also with OVO Energy on their 'Fixed Price New Energy' economy7 tarrif which is 15% green sourced. I pay just over 5 pence on night rate and just over 10 pence on day rate. I mainly charge on off peak night rate which cuts a typical charge from £1 to 50 pence, a good saving over a period of time.
You can contact your supplier to enquire about the implications of changing the meter to give both day and night readings and then to work out the break even point as Economy 7 tarrifs are generally dearer on day rates. If you also change your habits of using more electricity at night rather than day then you will make further savings. I achieve 75% at night but I have most of my heating, water heating and washing, drying and car charging set to over night.
Sure you will be happy with the Ampera should you go ahead and join the club of cheap motoring whether on full priced or half priced electricity.
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