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Hiya all,

I'm Online Community Manager for Ecotricity. I don't have an Ampera or a Volt or any kind of EV (yet!) but the folks who know about EVs here aren't big forum or social media users, so I'm here to represent the company and our Electric Highway charging network. I'm happy to pass on any enquiries, questions, suggestions etc and I'll be posting updates and information relevant to you from the Electric Highway team.

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Welcome Paul. I am also an Ecotricity customer, microtricity generator, gas customer and Ampera owner! We are on the New Energy Plus, 100% renewable tariff with Economy 7 for overnight car charging. Works very well for us with the Ampera and Nissan Leaf.

Just so that the members know... it is great that representatives from network operators are willing to join in our discussions here and I know that people will have questions for Ecotricity. But can I just take this opportunity to remind everyone here that this forum is not a place to report or discuss charge station failures or charging station status. Ecotricity have a procedure for that we must follow and there is the Twitter #ukcharge tag for letting other drivers know. Many thanks :)

Welcome to the forum :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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