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I'm not crazy, the attack has begun.
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Modec are long bust, as are all the early manufacturers.

I think it was Protean who delivered a 6x6 with in-wheel hub motors with reduction boxes. This was for a military contract IIRC. Not sure if they built the whole vehicle themselves or just the drive gear.

Do you really need 6x6, or could you manage with 4x4 and configure a Unimog, or similar, by leaving the ICE drive on one axle and electrify the other. That way you can charge up the battery as you drive, and switch the engine off when 2WD is sufficient.

You do realise any ideas are just a super vast sink of cash that will leave you financially crippled for life? It is almost certainly cheaper to go look see what existing Chinese manufacturers can offer, and import one in.
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