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Electric Traction System Fault: Repair Needed

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So I received this message after fast charging at a pod point charging station, which seems to be a common issue. However I can't find anyone else with the exact error message that I have.

I managed to drive it home 30mph or less 3 miles with no issues. My only issue now is getting it to it's appointment in a week and half which would be majority dual carriageway driving. Do we reckon it'd be fine to drive it or just organise AA towing me there? Garage not very helpful with the situation, no other vehicle currently, no recovery and no courtesy car.

Dreading when it does eventually go in as most people reporting weeks for a fix!



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Can't say it's crossed my mind! I did read about disconnecting the battery but I don't know if I'm just masking the issue rather than fixing it?
That's great cheers - will do the same on day of appointment and hope I get there.

Got told there was a recall but no details or letter or anything before the issue.

Unlucky on the wait for your appointment that is a while. Are you still using it?

I started the car as normal yesterday evening (so it'd been sat more than 24 hours) and the alert had disappeared. Decided to drive it round the block and all fine.

I've driven it to work which is a 30 minute commute and all seems fine. But I think I'll leave it parked up until the appointment just incase.
I haven't heard anything from Vauxhall or the dealer I bought the car from, or my local dealer. I heard about the recall here! I googled it, and found two different government websites, one which searched by reg number and said there was a recall, but didn't say for what, and another that asked for the make and model and said two recalls, one for the BMS and another for the ECU, both just needing software updates. Turns out if the air con has an issue, it will crash the whole system, and the car will stop and won't move again. The other one might be for the traction system failure error, which seems fairly common and is easily cleared by a powercycle, just like any computer.

I'm still using the car, it's fine now.
That's useful thanks, did the check too and yes mine is also a recall (surely I should have been informed by vauxhall rather than finding out via a forum?)

I'll keep dailying it and bring it to the appointment regardless, if it's a recall there is no way I should be charged for it.

It doesn't fill me with all that much hope and confidence in this car long term use!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts