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Electric traction system fault

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Got this error today (2nd time its happened, 1st was before xmas). When it happens and you restart the car it doesn't move. Had to sit about for 15mins till could move again.

Booked in for next week, the mechanic hasnt seen it before. He ask if i was using the rapid chargers.

Anyone else experienced this problem and got it fixed?
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No, this is really an error. When putting the selector in "D" it jumps back to "P". You need to put the selector in "D" or "R" and step on it right away or the car won't move. It also displays the error message right away.

I tested the advice I've seen in some places but that did not help:
  1. Close the car and leave it closed for 5 minutes.
  2. Detach the 12V battery and leave it there for 5 minutes. Using the red fast clamp on the positive battery pin.
  3. Reconnect the fast clamp to the battery: that went with a significant spark.
  4. Leave the car for a minute.
  5. Turn on the car ("start the "engine"")
  6. The car gave the error right away and was immobilized. That is worse than before we started this test. It was sitting on the driveway dead as a door nail.
  7. Close the car and leave it on the driveway for 15 minutes.
  8. "Start the engine". Now the car was behaving as before this test. Luckily. It moved again.
  9. I tested if it could take a charge. Because if that didn't work, there was enough juice to get it to the workshop and then it would be dead. Luckily it charged.
I remember from Bjorn Nyland's 1000 km challenge he had trouble charging the car and needed to detach the 12 Volt battery. That is why I tried charging.
I seen you had the exact issues I’ve been having with my Corsa E where the car jumps back into P if you don’t drive off immediately and showing electric traction fault error message.
Did you ever get a solution?
Arnold Clark have been less than helpful and I’m not sure my car is safe to drive, I rely on this heavily for family and work matters.
The Peugeot garage fixed it. Known issue with the electronic controller of the gearbox. The replacement part has a different part number. Replaced in warranty.
Great thanks, did you still drive your car while waiting for the repair? Vauxhall Dundee (Arnold Clark) are now the only dealers in the east coast of Scotland that have a master technician and it’s taking a month just to be seen, I’m going to need to use the car between now and then.
I went straight to the garage. I guess OK to drive where traffic is calm. You can’t be quick and nimble. Every stand still you need to put it back in gear
Yeah that’s exactly my issue, it’s fine while travelling apart from the occasional beep from the dash and it telling me to brake. Just when I stop still it switches to P itself and I need to move immediately after switching to D or it reverts back.

Frustrating to say the least but car seems fine otherwise.

Thanks again, appreciate it.
When I had a Corsa you had to hold brake pedal down and hold in start button until it beeped and ready light came on. It only dropped back out to not ready mode if I didn't drive off in about 10 minutes. If it's switching back to not ready in a couple of minutes or less there is something wrong.
Yeah there is something wrong, I’m just trying to ascertain if it is fixable.
I have no choice but to continue driving it due to it being a month before Arnold Clark can look at it.
same happened to, happened while charging it with fast charger 150kw, I was inside the car and heard a noice “pac” like a fuse blowing even music stopped and restarted, straight after that came the error. Battery kept charging and system restarted but error remains…
My intell link system more regularly froze and restarted leading up to the error showing, could be linked I guess.

I pick up a new car on Tuesday, I'm going back to petrol, being unable To get my car looked at by an engineer until August is the final straw, I'll give it another go after 2030.
What a shame! Is this a local issue? I have lots of places where I can go within a 10 mile radius... it is true the mechanics need to get trained. But if people stay away from EVs because they cannot get serviced, then there is a real problem.

The place I went to was an "official dealer", the engineer had found the issue inside 10 minutes and it was fixed within the hour.
Speaking to Arnold Clark Vauxhall Dundee they are "the only dealer on the east coast of Scotland that Have a master technician", when I look online the next nearest is Perth 26 miles away which I don't fancy travelling in a car that's showing errors. Spoke to VW and they have a technician but he'll only do electric cars purchased from their dealership.

No offer of hire car or courtesy from AC, they simply don't care.
That's shocking service from AC. I'd reject the car immediately and get another brand that can be looked after by a decent dealer. August isn't acceptable at all.
Needless to say I'll not be using Vauxhall (or any other manufacturers under the same parent company) or AC again, there are better dealerships and EV manufacturers out there I guess.

Shame though, I loved the car, fun to drive and always fun when you have a BMW tailgating you.. 😊
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Yes well... that depends on the road... I had to cover 12 km (7.5 miles) on roads you could mostly keep moving, that is doable with the broken gizmo.

Personally I would have been inclined to do the trip to Perth, making sure they have the part or can get to it quickly. Where I go, they would give me a petrol 208 for the wait if they had to wait a day or so for the part. But that is just me. I guess I put in the balance the fact that running an EV is considerably lower cost. You are not going to get a lot of money for a car with an issue, so you would need to get it fixed anyway before selling it. Also, cars are expensive now with the chip and supply chain problems... so I'd bite the bullet. Since the part was replaced the car has run like a charm. It is two years before I need to service it again!! An ID.3 is too expensive for what it is. An ID.4 is better but a significantly higher price bracket. And you may have to wait for it so long that you may regret your decision by the time you have it. A petrol probably makes more sense from a purchase price / wait viewpoint if you know one you can get quickly.

I do understand your reaction. I would not stick with a workplace that has such a poor service and does not care either. I'd move my business to Perth if they were significantly better. Just a thought :).
Im also working from home for 3 days a week now so the running of a petrol car is about £100 cheaper a month now.

again I'm disappointed but probably the best move for me considering I'm reliant on Arnold Clark here
Add my e208 to the list. Used it for a supermarket run this morning, fine all the way until I went over a small bump when pulling away at a junction and the wheels spun slightly. Got a traction fault warning but was able to carry on and park up normally. An hour later when trying to leave I got the traction and gearbox fault warnings and the car refused to go into a ready state, wouldnt move. Tried various strategies but wouldn't play ball. Went back and tried again another hour later then again a couple of hours after that (had other things i couldnt get out of) and then called peugeot assist. They said the default was to return the car to the dealer but couldn't even get it into neutral. Ended up dragging it on plastic skids onto the lorry. I dont know if this is in any way related but on Friday I was feeling smug in the knowledge that my car was preconditioning before I left work. Got into a fan oven! The vents were blasting hot air at me on the hottest day of the year.
Either way, it is getting dumped at the dealer on Monday morning so we'll see what they say.
I now have my petrol motor again, on speaking with the service dept at Arnold Clark just as I got the new car they admitted they don't have ANY technicians trained for electric cars and are training people now hence the hold up in getting the EV's looked at and as you know there are only a handful of dealers that can see the cars.
Pretty poor from AC, they need to get some foresight, even the technician looking at my 'new' older car before I drove off was on his last day, maybe they treat their staff as well as they treat their customers..

hope you get yours fixed and have no further issues!
The AC is often used to cool batteries and the motor so if that's packed in then it won't help. You'd think the car would monitor this and report back a warning if the AC was becoming less effective or if there was pressure loss in the system.
Remember Vauxhall recalled a bunch of models due to faulty AC causing cars to burst into flames...
You would think wouldn't you. Unfortunately even before this the car has become known as the Stupid French Turd. I love the driving experience but it has a lot of quirks that I find infuriating.
Exactly how I felt about my Corsa E. Shame PSA are consistent at filling their over priced EV's with crap components....allegedly.
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