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Electric traction system fault

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Got this error today (2nd time its happened, 1st was before xmas). When it happens and you restart the car it doesn't move. Had to sit about for 15mins till could move again.

Booked in for next week, the mechanic hasnt seen it before. He ask if i was using the rapid chargers.

Anyone else experienced this problem and got it fixed?
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Add my e208 to the list. Used it for a supermarket run this morning, fine all the way until I went over a small bump when pulling away at a junction and the wheels spun slightly. Got a traction fault warning but was able to carry on and park up normally. An hour later when trying to leave I got the traction and gearbox fault warnings and the car refused to go into a ready state, wouldnt move. Tried various strategies but wouldn't play ball. Went back and tried again another hour later then again a couple of hours after that (had other things i couldnt get out of) and then called peugeot assist. They said the default was to return the car to the dealer but couldn't even get it into neutral. Ended up dragging it on plastic skids onto the lorry. I dont know if this is in any way related but on Friday I was feeling smug in the knowledge that my car was preconditioning before I left work. Got into a fan oven! The vents were blasting hot air at me on the hottest day of the year.
Either way, it is getting dumped at the dealer on Monday morning so we'll see what they say.
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The AC is often used to cool batteries and the motor so if that's packed in then it won't help. You'd think the car would monitor this and report back a warning if the AC was becoming less effective or if there was pressure loss in the system.
You would think wouldn't you. Unfortunately even before this the car has become known as the Stupid French Turd. I love the driving experience but it has a lot of quirks that I find infuriating.
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