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I am also experiencing this fault/error, it has now happened twice over the space of a about a month.
I had previously experienced an Electric charge system fault and found corrosion on the auxiliary battery negative terminal (post was here e208 Battery Charge Fault warning) the negative cable from battery to chassis was replaced.

I have since experienced the electric traction system fault, the first time Puegeot replaced the negative cable again and the auxiliary battery, this evening the electric traction system fault occurred again. Both times I have called out the RAC and by the time they arrive the fault is no longer present.

Throughout this my customer service experience from both the dealers and Peugeot customer service helpline has been shockingly poor, with one exception no one has followed through on any promises or commitments to call back or find solutions, I have had to spend hours waiting in telephone queues to speak to customer service. The dealer service adviser seemed to think it was OK to joke with me about Peugeot not being able to supply parts in a timely fashion. I was never offered a replacement car, I had to ask for one and even then chase it up as no one had taken ownership. When I first tried to book the car in to have the electric charge system fault looked at the dealer phoned me the day before to say they couldn’t do the job as they did not have the diagnostic equipment, I then booked it into Robins and Day Glasgow (several weeks wait for an appointment), two days before it was booked I was called and told they were closing down and they could not complete the work as they had other higher priority work to complete! I then re-booked it in to the original dealer who apparently now had the diagnostics...

I love the car it is relaxing and fun to drive but am really glad that I only leased it for 2 years so I can buy a different brand of EV in the future as Peugeot clearly have no respect for their customers.

In the vain hope that any one senior in Peugeot UK cares enough to read any of this and take ownership I would be more than willing for you to get in touch and help resolve this...
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