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Electric traction system fault

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Got this error today (2nd time its happened, 1st was before xmas). When it happens and you restart the car it doesn't move. Had to sit about for 15mins till could move again.

Booked in for next week, the mechanic hasnt seen it before. He ask if i was using the rapid chargers.

Anyone else experienced this problem and got it fixed?
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Speaking to Arnold Clark Vauxhall Dundee they are "the only dealer on the east coast of Scotland that Have a master technician", .....
No offer of hire car or courtesy from AC, they simply don't care.
That's shocking service from AC. I'd reject the car immediately and get another brand that can be looked after by a decent dealer. August isn't acceptable at all.
Needless to say I'll not be using Vauxhall (or any other manufacturers under the same parent company) or AC again, there are better dealerships and EV manufacturers out there I guess.
They don't call them Arnold Shark for nothing. Sadly in huge swathes of Scotland Shark's is the only game in town/region.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts