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Electric Vehicle Charging Survey

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Hello everyone! We are postgraduate students who are working on this survey to establish if there is a demand for improved electric vehicle charging infrastructure and interaction in the UK. We would appreciate your time and the responses that you provide and all answers will be collected confidentially.

Thank you for your time and support.

Survey link: EV Owners Questionnaire
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I'll add - take a look at Q 9 and 10
Wall socket - OK
Level2 (US terminology) is NOT a charger this is a clever socket and uses the cars built in charger just like the standard socket .
we know this as a fast charger. and its rated 7 to 22kW. there is a slow version (3.5kW) found in some areas.
In the UK only 3.5 and 7kW are found in the home. the 11 and 22 varients are 3phase.

Level 3 (US terminology) is a DC charger known as a Rapid here.

Q15 - given the current state of the infrastructure (apart from tesla) always sort out charge points Before setting off. Never try to work out on the go
Q18 your kidding, this shows you have never had or used an EV. There are "Apps"
Your use of terms is likely to produce erronious results.

The questions imply that the setters have not used an EV/ Owned One/Hired one and have read some american sites on charging. University of Edinburgh really! Nip down the local nissan dealer and ask for a test drive first please then rewrite the questionaire in english so it makes sense.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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