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Electric Vehicle Charging Survey

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Hello everyone! We are postgraduate students who are working on this survey to establish if there is a demand for improved electric vehicle charging infrastructure and interaction in the UK. We would appreciate your time and the responses that you provide and all answers will be collected confidentially.

Thank you for your time and support.

Survey link: EV Owners Questionnaire
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Q12 ignores home charging. If you charge at home then none of the options apply. Did you mean this to apply to away from home/workplace charging only?
Q17 needs some work. Whats the difference between an "issue" and a "problem" ? And the middle option "Neither a problem nor not a problem" is nonsensical.
Q17 also fails to distinguish between Tesla EV users and others. Tesla are a on a different planet when it comes to charger availability. My answer to this question would be radically different depending if i had a Tesla or not. Its also problematic what you mean by the "EV community" If i have a Tesla am i bothered that lowly Hyundai Kona users will find it problematic to charge at motorway service stations? Do i even know?
Q18 implies that there is currently no app that tells you where chargers are. But there are several already (and if you have a Tesla its built in as well but is it an "app"?. There should be an option "already use such an app/have that capability" .

However, bottom line is anyone who drives an EV would already tell you there is a demand for "improved electric vehicle charging infrastructure". No survey needed. I dont see how you'd get any quantitative data from your survey to add to that.
You dont (for example) ask;
Are there any trips you haven't made in an EV due to paucity of charging infrastructure along route?
Have you ever failed to obtain a charge and had to curtail a trip?
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Just to add, like all these surveys it asks for your age, sex etc (why oh why ohwhy?? Just because everyone else does?) but not where you are located in the UK ! This surely is much more indicative of any charging problems you will encounter than whether you are a 32 year old female or a grouchy 60+ bloke.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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