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Touchscreens are terrible. Apart from programming navigation (which I do stationary) and looking at the map, I can do everything I need to in my old VW without taking my eyes off the road because I can feel physical buttons. For anything heavily touchscreen based, I need to take my eyes off the road. If it makes me take my eyes off the road for any more than the briefest of glances, it is flawed. Case and point: Tesla touchscreen wiper controls land driver with fine after crash
Very good point. But the way Tesla do it, with minimal interior design is setting a trend and moving most function to the screen. This is done for sure because there are no specific regulations to have certain controls in either physical, touch or some other ( voice), so will be regulated as they go along.
Does the Tesla have a switch for on/off or just auto wipers on the steering?

-in ev, ( as in any other car really) information in the central computer shouldn’t be essential for driving as you can have all of this info (nãv/ media/ fuel usage) in the driver screen.
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