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Hi all, I'm an electrician who has no experience with EV (or caravan or solar equipment) yet. Next year I'm going to get the Ford E-Transit van and convert it into a campervan.
The van comes with a rear inbuilt 230v 2.3kW inverter which I could use to supply most/all 240v equipment like a TV, computer, fridge/freezer, a 1kW heater, microwave etc.

I've had this idea, I'm wondering if its possible to have a van wiring system like this, utilising the Ford supplied mobile charger that has the 32A commando plug, when connected to places like a caravan site:

For the power supply, have a 32A commando plug panel fitted onto the external rear-side of the van.
From there run 6mm cable tails to a small consumer unit with a 40A RCBB type-A main switch, from that have 2x 32A MCB's type-B - one MCB feeds a surge protector while the other MCB feeds another consumer unit the Garo G6EV40PME, which then feeds a 2-way changeover switch (#1) and from there splits two ways:
1) feed the Ford charger.
2) feed to changeover switch #2

So when I want to charge the van I can do so while also able to run the TV etc from the Ford inbuilt inverter in the back of the van.

Now what if the vans EV battery doesn't need charging and want to give the battery a rest (to prolong its life) while I want to use electric in the back of the van without using power from the EV battery/inverter? - flip the changeover switch #1 to turn off power going to the Ford charger, to feed switch #2:
- switch #2 is wired so there are 2x incoming feeds: 1) from the Ford inverter, 2) from switch #1. The outgoing side of this switch then feeds the campervan consumer unit which feeds the internal lights and 13A sockets.

Now I'm just not too sure about the complexities of certain safety aspects. Like for the Garo unit to work as intended, should I get 3-pole changeover switches for all 3 conductors live neutral earth? I also have to consider that the negative/ground of the van is connected to the chassis and metal shell which is a proper head scratcher for me in regards to the overall earthing arrangement for separating 400v / 12v and 240v, and the potential of a 240v fault leak to the 12/400v such as possibly causing a 240v leak under fault conditions could damage the entire vans electrical system.

I'm no technical engineer with this stuff. I'm just theorising at this point, trying to figure this out to ensure everything can be safe... if even possible.

I'd really appreciate any help or thoughts of better ideas about all this.
So thanks in advance!
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