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Electronic brake and slip warning lights are on

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The electronic brake and slip warning lights have suddenly both come on at the same time.

They stay on even after turning the car off and on again. The car is from 2015, has done 20k miles and I've had it for 3 years without any issues. It drives as normal and I can't hear any noises.

A few days ago I heard a noise which sounded like a nail or something in the front-right tyre, but I couldn't see anything in the tyre and I can't hear the noise now.

Any thoughts what the issue might be?

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Techboy-bit of a misnomer eh? Only kidding, we all have to learn. Check out this 30kW Technical manual
I'll try and keep the manual available for sharing, but had my 70th birthday on Saturday, so it will disappear if/when I fall off the perch!
Cheers Tony.
Techboy - I just discovered that my linux system dropbox app sends all lower case files, the index requires the prefix to be upper.

Just run this bash script in a linux terminal and it will change the prefixes to upper case so the index works.
for file in * ; do            # or *.jpg, or x*.jpg, or whatever
   basename=$(tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' <<< "${file%.*}")
   mv "$file" "$newname"
Alternatively I have uploaded a converted file and the new link is here: workshop_manualcaps

Cheers Tony.
@dk6780 The vid is good and the comments (in English) fit with the issues I have. I'll take it for a drive later to check if there is an issue with regen. I've ordered a LELink OBD-II, I had one years ago but it wasn't very good, it will be nice to have a new one :) I'll get LEAFSpy Pro too.

@Barfly Ah, you're a fellow geek :) Thanks!
I started as a TV engineer in the 1960/70's but in the 1990's it became a throwaway society, nobody repairs stuff any more. When I was 50 I went back to full-time uni in Australia for 3 years and got a diploma in System administration and networking, then separately a training qualification and home automation.

125 started the course, I was one of 12 who graduated, my classmates helped me a lot, they used to call me grandad. We'd go to the lecture theatre and the lecturer would say, three weeks ago we did this and this.....the youngsters would scratch their pimply chins and say oh yes. I'd be thinking bloody hell I can't remember what I had for last night's dinner let alone 3 weeks ago!

As usual timed it beautifully, graduated just as the IT bubble burst. So I did the training, ended up teaching a fortnights taxi course for the local taxi firm, found I enjoyed taxiing, used to do it on the week-ends until the great refugee influx from the Horn of Africa happened and the Aussie dole office sent thousands to be taxi drivers.
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You've had a varied career! :)

There aren't many safe jobs! I've been doing SAP for 21 years. The first 15 as an SAP BASIS Administrator. The last 6 years I've primarily done SAP Technical Architecture. With cloud technology, much of the administration work (including building/managing networks and servers) is being done increasingly by developers, not system administrators. There is a move towards serverless computing, so there will be even less of a need for system administrators.
Varied career-yes. I started as an apprentice at RAF Sopley, then moved to tv's. In 1970 I was asked to design and build the PSU for electronic fly killers. I scored a contract to manufacture 1000 a month, that lasted for 6 months before they tore up the contract and sold out to Rentokil for 2m. I'd had a good time, all expenses paid trips round Europe paid off my mortgage before it all went tits up. I was 19 yrs old and had a great start, 5 years before I was living on the streets of Bournemouth escaping an abusive father, vicious mean bastard he was. Did a bit of reprographics service, then to Aussie. State manager Pioneer Electronics, then Radio Rentals head hunted me. Swapped idiots in Melbourne for pratts in London so set up on my own, specialising in projector and video wall systems. My Sri-Lankan partner died then the recession hit so off to uni I went. I became a half share partner in a trailer company, but family and health brought me back to blighty, although I still own half the company, my busines partner is fast running it into the ground, great engineer, useless at business. Did a bit of taxiing here in Christchurch, but fully retired now.
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