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Electronic brake and slip warning lights are on

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The electronic brake and slip warning lights have suddenly both come on at the same time.

They stay on even after turning the car off and on again. The car is from 2015, has done 20k miles and I've had it for 3 years without any issues. It drives as normal and I can't hear any noises.

A few days ago I heard a noise which sounded like a nail or something in the front-right tyre, but I couldn't see anything in the tyre and I can't hear the noise now.

Any thoughts what the issue might be?

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Thanks both.

I've found is a good video on charging the Nissan 12v battery. I have a CTEK MXS 5.0 charger so I'll use that.

I'll also check the tyre pressures.

I'll report back on how it goes. Thanks :)
The tyres were at about 30psi, so I've pumped them up to 36psi. I still get the same 2 warnings.

I've plugged in the CTEK and it went straight to stage 4. Stage 3 is where it charges the battery to 80%, so this suggests the batter is already above 80% so should be 'okay'.

@dk6780 thanks for the info :) I'm tempted to buy the item you linked to on ebay as it's only £30. I get your point about plugging it into the electronics first to check that the warnings disappear, also to check which of the 2 sensors is broken. I can't find a diagram or video explaining how to replace it, or where it is located, do you know of any guides? I'm not very experienced in mechanics :) Thanks.
@Barfly I'm good with computers, so people at work named me Techboy :) I usually leave the mechanical stuff to my dad who likes to play with motorbikes and model planes lol. This fix sounds easy enough though, so I'll attempt it myself!

Thanks for the manual, I've found the information I need. Happy birthday! :)
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@dk6780 The vid is good and the comments (in English) fit with the issues I have. I'll take it for a drive later to check if there is an issue with regen. I've ordered a LELink OBD-II, I had one years ago but it wasn't very good, it will be nice to have a new one :) I'll get LEAFSpy Pro too.

@Barfly Ah, you're a fellow geek :) Thanks!
You've had a varied career! :)

There aren't many safe jobs! I've been doing SAP for 21 years. The first 15 as an SAP BASIS Administrator. The last 6 years I've primarily done SAP Technical Architecture. With cloud technology, much of the administration work (including building/managing networks and servers) is being done increasingly by developers, not system administrators. There is a move towards serverless computing, so there will be even less of a need for system administrators.
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@Barfly Wow, that really is varied lol!

@dk6780 LeafSpy Pro gives me this error code:
C1A70 0108 BRAKE Brake Control System BR-160

That's similar to the C1A70 0109 code you mentioned. Is the recommendation still to replace the brake pressure sensor?

The 12v battery is now fully charged and the tyres are at 36psi.

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Re-ran LeafSpy, got the codes above, reset them, went for a test drive and they haven't reappeared. So I'll keep an eye on it and see if it happens again. At least I have LeafSpy and the OBD-II now so I can diagnose if anything does happen :) Thanks everyone for the help.
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