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I guess most members of the Electric highway have this already, but for those that do not, a full copy of the text is below. Nothing we didn't expect to hear based on feedback from others, but good to have it from the man at the top himself...

Dear Paul

These are exciting times in the world of electric cars.

It seems like all of the major car manufacturers now either have an electric model on offer, or will very shortly. Along with this increased choice, we’re seeing car prices come down, as production ramps up and the driving range of new cars steadily increases – it’s exactly what we hope to see, more cars, with greater range and lower prices.

Things are moving at pace with the Electric Highway too.

It was only around the middle of last year that we began to roll out the fast AC and DC chargers and by the end of the year we had installed these ‘Ecotricity pumps’ (as we like to think of them) in half of all motorway services. In February this year we completed the M4 roll out with an Ecotricity pump on every service station from London to Wales. We’ve also begun to double up now, with two pumps in each location, to cope with the additional demand that is coming.

And we’re adding a third standard to the pumps, known as CCS (Combined Charging System) – as used by BMW (the i3) and VW (the eUp and eGolf) – three new cars launched in the last few months which will be able to use the Electric Highway.

By the end of this year we expect to have installed Ecotricity pumps in every single motorway service station in Britain. That should pretty much enable electric car drivers to drive the length and breadth of our country.

There are parts of the country that the motorways don't get too close to of course, and we’re beginning now to roll out the Electric Highway to strategically important A-roads.

You can keep up to date with our Electric Highway – locations, old and new, on our website map.

We’ve had some teething problems with the technology, but – working closely with Nissan – we’ve identified a design fault as the root cause.

Two weeks from now we’ll begin a short program to replace one of the components in all of our pumps to temporarily improve their reliability, before implementing a major upgrade beginning in June. If you’ve had any problems with our Electric Highway I apologise for any inconvenience, and assure you this problem has had our full attention. I hope you’ll understand that this is new technology and teething problems are perhaps to be expected – the good news is that those teething problems will very soon be behind us.

That’s the update, more cars, more range and more places to top up – good times to drive electric.


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I really hope that they can fix the problem with the chargers, I feel a bit sorry for Ecotricity and the way Nissan/DBT have handled this, it was never their fault from what I can tell? Chargemaster is another story and I wont be paying their prices to charge that is for sure, I have no problem with paying but I know what price I want to pay and wont pay over it.

I think the A roads need more chargers Fast and rapid catering for all types of cars with redundancy, level 2 charging is very effective when you have 6kw and upwards on board as many of the newer cars now have, they shouldn’t forget this simple and reliable method of charging.

One thing that is for sure is that ecotricity wont be free for ever, however if they get the price right I think Chargemaster may be out of the game in a very short time, what a waste of tax payers money!

Watching this space intensely here

This RSS feed scraping the ecotricity site regularly shows you at a glance how many and which chargers are down, very useful tool considering its all now hidden on the maps.

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It's probably three years since I read the Nissan documents but iirc all warranty responsibility passed to the donee.
Although I suspect that Dale has pointed out that he has over 100 of the units and his own PR department - ripping them out and replacing them with a different brand could become very painful for Nissan and DBT. I dare say there is a degree of cost sharing - but I'm not sure how much.
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