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Energy Information Screen units

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My Energy Information Screen is showing kms, whilst the car units are set at miles.
Is this a manufacturers fixed screen unit or can it be changed to miles?
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That’s numberwang!,
Even more confusing is that you can have the navigation set to one set of units but the guessometer and dashboard in another set of units, so you can have 15 miles to go but the guessometer is showing an expected range of 15km. I soon learnt my 16 times table, and also that the speedometer on the Leaf always reads 10% over your actual speed, when the odometer managers to get it right.
Speed and distance traveled are akin to kW and kWh

That said I think 10% might be deliberate based on governmental advisory

Having read just now it seems they are not allowed to under report but allowed 10% over reporting. They err on side of caution

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Given the fact that a lot of cars have GPS available on the CAN bus that the speedometer sits on, it's perfectly possible for the speedometer to use GPS to calibrate the driveshaft-based readings to be almost exact over time as the tyres wear and air pressure in the tyres affects the readings, so there's would be no need to have the 10% over-reading fudge in the software of the speedometer, and the speedometer could be at least as accurate as any speed camera or police measurement.
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