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Hi All, I've recently started converting my ENV200 7-seater Combi into a campervan. All's gone well so far, until I discovered that my Combi has side curtain airbags for the middle and rear rows of seats. The video series I've been watching (Andy Beck) with a diesel Combi showed that that van did not have side-curtain airbags.

On my Combi, the driver's seat and middle seat row airbags appear to be one unit. The rear seats have their own cartridge/bag arrangement. Ideally I'd like to remove the airbags for the middle & rear seat rows (the seats are already removed and ofc won't be put back so the airbags are not required.

My question is, if anyone can help, how do I achieve this? I imagine I need to remove the lot, and then fit a side curtain airbag for the driver and front passenger's seats only. Can this be done? Does anything need calibrating/adjusting if I do that?

Any helpful suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance.
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