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Corsa-e Elite 2020
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Took a while to get my opel ireland free smart charger installed. (Free in the fact that i paid €600 euro in advance and waiting for my €600 grant to be paid in to my account now the install is done.)
Its a nice little charger, will be painting the black cable but shame the isolation switch is as big as the charger and bright yellow :). Cable
Goes up a little further than in picture and then straight through wall into back of fuse box so was a simple cable run for installer.
The EO app seems ok, can see usage for each charge. See the current house amps usage and charger usage and is compatible with solar if i ever get. You can also disable the charger via the app so no one can use it (if that is a thing). Although im in a corner house so a car could theoretically park on the street by the house and plug in. Also being a corner house we are a target for knock and runners, every now and again, who hopefully wont turn off the isolation switch or unplug the charging cable.
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