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Hi there,
I purchased a brand new EQ smart for two in July 2019. In December 2020 it started with charging issues. It refused to charge and a sign came up on the dash board saying to take it to workshop. It stayed in the workshop for around 4 months whilst they tried to diagnose the problem. They replaced the input piece on car and told us the problem was solved. 24 hour's after leaving the workshop the same sign appears again on the dashboard saying to take to workshop. So we return again and they say they forgot to clear the fault in the system!
After a week, I go to unplug the car in the morning and discover yet again it hasn’t charged. The car is now back at the workshop and I’m desperate to find a solution. Has anyone else had this problem and how have you solved it? The car has now devalued and has spent a large part of its life in a workshop.
Please give me some advice!
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