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Hi, my Brother and Sister in Law are currently half way into a year long road trip around Europe. At the moment they are in a 23year old Talbot (remember those!) campervan. They are back in the uk in March before they set off again for the northern loop inc Scandinavia. The reliability and fuel costs of the campervan are making them to look at alternatives for this second trip.

At the moment they are trying to secure a long term loan of a PHEV with a possible view of doing some sort of assessment and story as to how easy a pan european roadtrip is with an EV. They are both documenting their trip through a website and film and as a Graphic designer and IT wizz they are also trying to get someone to publish their story and findings. This could also help them secure a long term loan of a car.

Just wondering what people think of this idea and whether or not an assessment of European charging networks would be a productive use of their time?

Also have anyone got any contacts that maybe useful for this purpose?

Many thanks, Jonno
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