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EV Boxer/Master

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Hi ,
any ideas when the larger EV vans are coming? i don't think the Sprinter is within my budget and if/when VW build the Crafter it will be a while before i will be able to stump up for a good used one.
Even looking at the LDV it's looking a bit pricey TBH.
Any info / thoughts welcome.
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I've just sold my ultimate van - a Mercedes 609D XLWB. Sadly after 32 years the only good part left was the engine ......

A crate motor from a Lightening may sound attractive but you'd need to factor in all of the ancillaries (steering, brakes, 24v etc) as well as the weight of the batteries. The 609D had a genuine 500 mile range even with its brick like aerodynamics, but 400kWh or so of batteries would take up all of the remaining payload and then some.
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