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EV Camper - charging / battery / inverter

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I would like to replication what Glyn did with his eNV200.

Looking for help and advice, van is ordered but I have no measurements or specifications

I'm finding an all electric EV setup interesting in terms of rethinking the norms of power charging and consumption. For example, since we need to recharge the main battery when travelling we can also charge devices / cook at the same time. The "leisure" battery maybe does not need to have the same capacity than in a traditional van because the DC-DC charger can top-up when the van is turned on, and no driving needs to be done (unlike alternator).

  • Heating and AC during night
  • 12V Aux battery supplies 12V DC power and 240V via inverter (Phoenix 1200W)
  • Solar panel charges 12V Aux battery (thinking 400W panel)
  • Mains hook-up allows charging and 240V power overnight if available
  • Support 2 x 800W Induction hobs (all electric install) (assume no max power since 800W + 800W > 1200W)

  • Can OEM battery support inverter draw?
  • Will solar panels support Fridge consumpion during the day?
  • Is there a limit to the DC-DC built in charging provided from the Van?
  • Could the DC-DC charger support induction hob cooking for 20 mins (for example), how do I measure the DC-DC charge rate? Smart shunt?

Current thoughts:
  • Upgrade 12V aux battery. Not sure whether AGM or LiFePO4? Max physical dimensions? Minimum capacity?
  • No point having Multiplus, since van has built in DC-DC charger. Hoping solar will charge battery during day and support daily consumption.
  • Need to split shore power to van charger and 240V circuits, so it's not going through the battery (inverter) when not needed
  • Cooking may only be possible when at charging station or on camping hook-up. Depending on above
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I have an Vivaro-e on order with the intent to convert it to a camper so interested in this stuff.

400W solar is more than enough for a standard small compressor fridge. You would probably still be good on the dullest of winter day with that.

Personally I am looking for a bigger inverter. I have a 3000W in my curent ICE van with a big LiFePO4 battery. I have an induction hob which draws 1500W untill I manage to turn it down to 800W for normal cooking which takes a couple of seconds. I also have a Microwave which is very inefficent and draws getting on for 1800W. I also use a small 600W travle kettle. I can have the Hob and Microwave on together with the 3000W inverter but it's really pushing the 12V setup. Inverter has 70mm cabeling to the battery.

I am not sure what I will end up with for the new van. It will depend if I can fit stuff under the bonnet or not. If stuff fits then I will posibly have a seperate 12 lithium battery and something like my current inverter. If stuff is not fitting then I will probably look at a 48V battery setup in the back somewhere and some suitable DC DC converters. Bigger battery in the back with 400-500W sollar would basically very rerly need to be charged form other sources. I would look to just have a manaully controled DC DC converter that could be enabled when charging the traction battery or when driving if needed to top it up.
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