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LOL! They are both required in my opinion.

However, itwill be a long while before we will have reliable info on charge stations. Nissan has that built in to their system and it is completely useless. Not only is the data months out of date but there is no guarantee that it will be working, or even switched on, when you arrive.

It will improve and the systems will one day be able to give accurate and real-time info but we are a very long way away from anything like it right now.

There isn't even a single database of charge stations. Open Charge Map is probably the best and most complete but that it open source and relies on us reporting our findings. I am an Open Charge Map editor so I can update and approve entries but anyone can add or put in updates... just log in and add new station s you find. Once they have been confirmed they go on to the database.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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