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Hi All,

First post here, my Name is Nathan, happy to meet you all...

I run a renewable energy asset company, have a real passion for sustainable projects and investments - the reason for my posting here is....

Over the next month we will be travelling around in a Tesla Model s Britain to conduct a feasibility study to test the appetite for a central portal which connects business owners with passionate, like minded professionals.

We are aiming to visit as many sites which explore the mission of a sustainable Britain.

Would love to have as many EV's with us, hearing about your range anxiety (if any), experiences and maybe a drink too!!!! Currently as I type, Stuart is passing through Dundee. You can keep up with locations and a podcast at (search - Charging around Britain dot co dot uk)

It would be wonderful to meet you, along with having your company on any route of the journey.

To get in touch, please send a DM.

Kind regards

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