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The data protocol is exactly the same. Which is why you can have a type 2 charge socket on the wall and have a J1772 connector on the other end. There is no reason why you should not have such an adaptor, or change your charge unit for a type2 socketed version and then have the appropriate leads. What make is yours?
Sockets are available to make such a device, but not cheap. The only concern would be in having a really long cable as a result of this, that could be way too small for the cable run. But perfectly OK if you have a 16amp supply and use 32amp cables.
Do not use 13amp sockets, except as a last resort.
Use 16amp if you must. 13amps are not designed for long term high current usage, the L pin gets very hot as the fuse holder introduces extra resistance. I have loads of these I have taken off peoples charge leads where the plastic insulator on the pin shaft has melted. I have also had two from customers where the plug had melted into the socket. Not nice. This is especially a problem if you have waterproof sockets like the MK ones that are so enclsed that the plug has no cooling and so melts even faster. 16amp plugs and sockets are made for heavy industrial usage. I supply a version that screws down on the cable with a silicone seal rather than a feeble PVC gaiter, many of which split. I would always use this type. Not even more expensive either.
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