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I have been using EVs for some years, starting off with Berlingo Electriques, which I still own 4 and a Multispace I built from a new Mk2 body shell. For the last two years I have been making my living repairing and supporting EV users mostly Either Electriques (106 and Berlingo) and Citroen C1s. The Multispace is gathering dust waiting for the Lifepo4 conversion to be finally sorted. (54 160ah Thundersky cells)
I currently drive a converted 2008 Smart with HPEVS/ Curtis/ Calbs, and whatever Citroen C1 Evie I currently want to do road trials on.
Im based near Colchester and Im happy to give guidance / support. A lot of posts are on the Battery Vehicle Society Forum site for both Electriques and the Evie.

Jeremy Bloomfield (AKA Grumpy-b)
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