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Most Tesco ones are 7kW. Is it really worth the effort to charge at 7kW for 15 mins just because it is free? You would get 5 or 6 miles tops from the charge?

I am not saying don't do it... that is up to you... but I wouldn't have thought it worth the time to plug in and unplug just for 6 miles?
I think the point they were making was it's 15 minutes free emergency charge. But if you activate it with the app (for free) then you can charge for either as long as their parking restrictions allow, or up to 24 hours before the Pod Point boots you off the charge session.

Most people spend a bit more than 15 minutes in their Tesco stores, and for the most part those 7 and 22kW free AC Posts are there to give the users a free charge to recover the energy used to travel to and home from the grocery store. In those cases it's totally fine. But if you need more range, or a faster charge then you can pay to use their rapid chargers alongside.

And this links back to the original thread topic, that to get one of these free charges longer than the 15 minute emergency session, you need to have a smartphone.
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