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Hey Folks,

New to the forum and new to the world of EVs. Took the dive and got a black evalia at the end of December. Absolutely love it although i've not covered much mileage thanks to Covid etc.

I have a young family and young families being what they are they can cause a right mess of seats along with the dog in the back. So after scouring the net I found a couple of solutions for custom seat covers and a great fitting boot liner.
Fully disclosure, I have absolutely no links to either of these companies and have purchased and used the products (I hate paid for ads and false posts).

The first are custom seat covers from Nissan NV200 Fully Tailored Seat Covers

Now they aren't cheap especially when compared to the standard cheap chinese universal covers. I have only bought a set for the middle row so far (got the seven seater). Delivery took a while but they fit very very well and still allow you access to all the functions of the seat including the isofix points (very important for strapping in my wee one). I'll be buying ones for the front and rear seats in due course. Easy enough to fit (took me around 10 minutes without any instructions).

Second thing I want to talk about is boot liners. I made the mistake of ordering up the official nissan plastic liner. What a piece of proverbial that was. Had them take it back as it was just utter garbage. Was struggling to find a decent solution when I came across these,

I ordered up the 113cm wide by 110cm long car box and it fits nicely. Small gap down the side that's ideal for storing charging cables and importantly it fits under the rear seats when they are up. Unfortunately the seat anchor points are covered over so it would have to be removed to use them but it does give a nice water proof solution that I suspect some folk will be looking for. Oh and it came with a lip protector which is good for the great dane getting in and out (he can be a bit clumsy at the best of times).


Ok that's enough from me for the time being. Just wanted to share these as I have come across a few other posts looking for suggestions but without any good concrete ideas. Hope this is of help
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