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Evidence of EV battery fire risk

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Overheard someone in the office today wittering about the risk of battery fires with EVs and how he thought no evidence was being made available in case it put the Government's 2030 target at risk.
I felt like countering this but realised I didn't have any actual evidence with which to do so. I realise EV batteries can suffer thermal runaway (LiFePo excluded?) but as far as I understand the batteries are well protected from fire risk and the actual incidence of EV fires is very low?
Would appreciate any links to good, straightforward evidence on the topic if it exists.
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This is also reflected in the safety testing we conduct in the U.K. on behalf of Euro NCAP (European auto safety), where despite the robust impacts to the front and particularly the sides of the vehicle where the battery is most vulnerable, there have been no resultant thermal events,” Billyeald said."
Do they test ICE vehicles with a full tank of petrol? Just asking....
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