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Just wondering what others experience is of efficiency drop as winter approaches. So far since getting the car (2020 64kwh), this damned virus means I have still only done 2k miles in it since September but have averaged 3.7m/kwh in that time according to the car, but now the temperature is dropping, I am seeing it gradually fall a bit, which is to be expected of course and isn't alarming me, but I am interested in comparing it to others experience.

I did a 140 mile round trip today to Cleethorpes and back. HVAC was on and set at 22deg the whole way. I spent the whole motorway sections of the journey on the A1, M180 with the cruise set at an indicated 67mph. I didn't check the outside temperature but it was not too cold, at a guess around 8 deg. Roads were a bit wet and miserable but it wasn't raining.

I returned 3.2m/kwh.

On recent local runs, as long as it is a reasonable length, and as long as I drive with a careful right foot, I am returning 3.5 but I am struggling to get it any higher than that in the last couple of weeks. My overall average has just dropped to 3.6 now as a result of today's trip.

How does this compare with others this month? About average?
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