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Leave in a Leaf
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Possibly not quite the point that the OP is making but 'fake news' doesn't trouble me at all.
I work by the rule - Don't believe anything unless you trust the source - and even then stay cynical.

What does surprise me is that some people have only just noticed that 'fake news' exists - people have been spouting b****cks since we learnt to speak (and write). What is really concerning is that some have the means - but not the intelligence - to spout their nonsense under the banner of a media outlet which gives it credibility and reach whether or not the spouter knows what they are on about or speaks what they believe to be honest.

This side of the pond we have long had the ironic quote 'It must be true - I read it in the newspaper'. For our American cousins there is the more contemporary 'Don't believe everything you read on the internet. (Abraham Lincoln)'
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