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Hello and welcome to the site.

You are (of course) absolutely right and the writer of the original article clearly doesn't understand the concept.

The Volt does need some charge in the HV battery because the starter motor operates from the high voltage system, but of course as you describe, it can be used indefinately without plugging in if necessary (although to do so would defeat the point of having it). The Volt can also compete with the miles per gallon of similarly sized cars with more conventional powertrains when operating in petrol mode, which cannot really be said of the Outlander or i3 REX.

In terms of the miles per charge and miles per gallon on petrol, this of course is dependent on driving style and speed, road conditions, weather, temperature, accessory power consumption etc, so the figures may well be as-measured, even if not really representitive.

It seems both in print and in speech people are quick to judge EVs on things they are not designed for. Yes, once a year a Leaf may be less practical than an ICE for a long journey, but the other 364 days you have a smoother, quieter, cheaper, more fun driving experience.

In the case of the Volt, my parents have the UK equivelant (Vauxhall Ampera) and use it for 90% of journeys on electric only. When they need to go for a longer run, they just top up the petrol tank and it transforms en route, saving the need for an economical town car and a seperate long distance car. What's not to like?
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