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Fans and range question

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Was bemused the other day by a fellow Gen 1 E-Golf owner saying they regularly got 90+ miles out of their 24kwh E-Golf.

At a stretch mine has always struggled to get 60-70 miles.

However, after a service the garage left the fans off & my range suddenly said 99 as I was driving back home. Due to cold weather didn't put them back on and noticed a huge range improvement. Today, a journey that would usually take a third of the electricity has taken less than half of the electricity (just a small blip on the needle). I'm suddenly seeing massive range improvements by turning the fan off!

I always knew he AC compressor had a big impact on range, but assumed just running normal fans without AC wouldn't impact range, but apparently does massively.

Anyone else experienced this & is to be expected?

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Does "turning fans off" mean turning the whole climate system off, and thus not using the cabin heater?
Yep as in turning the entire HVAC off, so no air being circulated into the car at all.

I have heated seats which only take 1 mile of range (miss my Leaf's heated steering wheel).

Recall reading somewhere the reason the temp defaults to 22 is to ensure minimal battery usage. Presumably this is the optimal temp for not draining the battery & working the system hard. However, even this seems to have a big hit on range.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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