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This is a translation from a German article... what's really interesting is the 50kWh battery storage and container principal... just drop off the rapid charge 'lounge' at the location and connect to a standard power supply... no substantial infrastructure required :)

The Fraunhofer Institute has developed along with the traffic control system manufacturer Swarco so-called batch lounges.The first 30 of these fast-charging stations are planned on the route Frankfurt-Stuttgart-Munich along the A8 and the route Munich-Nuremberg-Frankfurt along the A9, at least 70 more are to follow by 2016.

  • Each quick charging station accommodates three electric cars,says Florian Rothfuss, director of the Institute for Mobility Design at Fraunhofer. Because the tangle of charging plugs has not yet been unbundled, all current connections are offered. So the CCS plugthat fits into the models from German manufacturers, the CHAdeMO system for Japanese cars and the Type 2 connector ("Mennekes"), to be used in the future for the EU plan as a standard. So does it take to charge 20 to 30 minutes - show provided that the vehicles are equipped with an adequate system.
  • During the waiting period, the customer should be able to make yourself comfortable: As the name suggests, is part of the charging station a lounge area with coffee maker and wireless internet access, in addition, a conference room available for hire. Rothfuss raves about the "Load as experience." A charging station with integrated roadhouse sounds comfortable - but if really meet business people to meet up, remains to be seen.
  • Includes hot drink and the Internet are an overall 10 euros payable for full-time loading. Payment is made by credit or debit card. And for a monthly flat-rate price of 80 euros, the juice dispenser can be used anytime.
  • By 2020, the project partners are aiming for a thousand batch lounges in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The total cost of a batch Loungeamount according Rothfuss to a height of up to 250,000 euros. For comparison: A simple rapid charging station costs around 50,000 euros. Therefore, as Rothfuss, the container principle of Fraunhofer station offers several advantages: "For the construction no foundation is needed and they can be connected with a low power to the grid." In a battery buffer the energy is cached so that enough power for a quick battery charge is in demand because, he explains. In the prototype, the capacity shall be 50 kilowatt-hours, the battery will cost around 25,000 euros.
  • The Fraunhofer Institute has no doubt that battery-powered cars will prevail despite the hitherto sluggish development yet - and this confidence has recently been underlined by the study . Thus, the positive outlook for electric mobility is actually true, Rothfuss sees the expansion of public fast charging stations, however, as a "mandatory requirement".
To a nationwide infrastructure and the second at the Hanover Fair presented large project should contribute. In the context of SLAM - Quick charger for axes and cities are planned by 2017 around 400 Quick charging stations in Germany. Behind the agenda are the car manufacturers BMW, Daimler, Porsche and VW and the energy supplier EnBW.
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