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A warm welcome to the forum.

In my experience with both the 40 and 62 LEAF, is that on a decent charger, it will charge from 20% SOC to 92% SOC in 45 minutes. I have done this many times on Ecotricity charger and Instavolt plus many others.

However I have always had a warm battery, say 20°c minimum, If the battery is cold, then the charge rate is reduced to protect battery cells. It also does the same if the battery is too hot (Rapid gate),

Even if your battery was cold, say 8°c it would be slower, but no way would it take 90 minutes, especially as you started with 34% SOC. (I would expect it to take 30 minutes to get to 92% SOC)

I hope you do not mind me saying, but the problem is that you charged to 98% SOC which is really a no no on a rapid charger. Once you get to 92% SOC the charge rate effectively drops to 7Kw's (the same as an home chargers) at 96% SOC it really cuts the charge rate right down to 2Kw's and prepares for balancing which takes forever to complete.

So my advice is never charge above 92% and your rapid charge should never take more than 45 minutes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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