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Faulty electronic child lock ID4

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On a number of occasions recently I have been unable to open one of my rear door after stopping.
By locking and unlocking a few times it seems to clear but a message appeared on the screen "Fault electronic child lock"
One side opens but the drivers side rear could not be opened from inside or outside.

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Just highlighting the issue to see if any body else had the problem. Did yours get fixed while you waited or was it an all day job ?
I am trying to avoid my dealer as they are useless.
Ours had this for a day or two, I made a note to mention it at the 2.4 update, but then it ‘fixed itself’ and hasn’t returned.

They did scan it for fault codes at the update, replaced the comms box following the sos error, but just cleared the child lock code.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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