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Noticed that quite a few initial reviews of the new electric Fiat 500 are now on Youtube from the German reviewers.

The most interesting one that I came across is linked below (links jumps to charging section), however due to its length the auto generated closed captions aren't available.

Key take aways from the linked video at the 150kW Charger
  • Car plugged in at 7% - Initial charge rate of 82kW
  • 26 Minutes to 81% - At 81% Charge rate of 42.5kW with 27.7 kWh delivered in that time
  • 42/43kW until 85%, seems as though it is a staircase shaped charge curve
  • At 85% charge rate drops to 13kW
  • Around 29 minutes from 7% to 85% - 29.4 kWh delivered in that time

Another German review of the car with auto-generated closed captions available
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