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Greetings from Finland. I’m new

I’m going to get my e-208 at saturday morning. Allure with panorama roof and something else.

this is my 3.rd BEV; Leaf24, Leaf40 and now e-208 50kWh (45 kWh netto)
I love what e-208 looks. I was teenager at 90’s and somehow it’s makes me to remember Peugeot 205GTI, and it was something big at it’s own time.
I keep electric car blog ’Sähköautoileva motoristi’ and has quite well readers. Here is my text, which got me wanting e-208 while writing text. Peugeot e-208 -60% Teslan tappaja? “Peugeot e-208 -60% Tesla’s killer? Written in humor. But I write only in finish, so you don’t get much out there. Sorry.

Can’t wait to get driving experience of my e-208 and writing of the . Next winter will show me how little electric Peugeot works in cold wheather, for example -20..-30 °C.
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Hello and welcome - what’s the “something else” ;)

Couldn’t write to my 1.st post, becouse didn’t know. Car is actually dealers show car, which I bought without seeing it.

I think only options are
  • Panorama roof
  • 10” Screen and navigation
  • rear camera
  • wireless mobile phone charging
  • vertigo blue color (which I really like)

would like also keyless going and adaptive to cruise control.
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