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Well I finally took the plunge and now have my type 1 to type 2 cable. I am kicking myself a bit for missing out on the special offer from @nuWorld Energy but I still think at full price it is an absolute bargin! Delivery was super quick and neatly packaged so many thanks for an excellent service!

The cable itself is great quality, my only complaint is the lack of rubber caps for the ends but that is a minor thing. The quality of the handles and the metal on top to control the latch is really high quality stuff, very hard wearing and really nice to the touch.

Cable Wire Extension cord Spiral Electrical supply

I immediately went out and went to play about on some nearby @CYC points to see how it worked, being in the North East there are plenty to choose from! I like the feel of the type 2 connector and do actually prefer it to the type 1 - going forward I do hope Nissan move towards this with later models as it seems like an excellent and very versatile connector.

Vehicle Transport Asphalt Mode of transport Lane
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Nissan leaf Parking

Went for the usual shopping trip today and plugged in at around 60% into a post nearby, I was only there just under 2 hours and on returning found I was at 97% ! Very surprised how much faster it is compared to the brick. If you are without one of these cables and considering getting one I highly recommend you do as it really has opened up lots more places to go and plug in. Well worth the investment.

Roll on the 19th as I'm getting my 32A type 2 Rolec point fitted by ElmEV - long overdue considering I've had the car almost 5 months now!
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