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Find ID.4 battery SOH

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Hi all,
I'm considering buying a pre-reg ID.4 which is about a £4k saving on RRP of a brand new one.
Only thing is, it's their in-showroom model so I know it's likely been sat there with low, potentially 0% SOC for quite a while.
Is there any easy way of checking what the SOH of the batteries are, either myself or asking the dealer to do a report?
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I know when I looked at an EV6 the show room model had a charger going to the 12v battery so you could do all of that, but the main battery was showing 0% SOC, I'm guessing people having the heating/aircon on which doesn't use the 12v battery.
Thanks all - some good advice in this thread. I'm going to hold on for a bit longer to see what happens with my new ID.4 but if I do go for a pre-reg one at least it gives me some ideas and things to check.
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