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Motor <-> HPM5000B, BLDC. 3 - 7.5kw

Controller <-> VEC300-48, 120A rated current, 300A max phase current

Battery <-> MaxAmps 48V 11ah E-bike LiPo battery. 40C rating?!

Depending on the results I get from the motor I will be gearing it somewhere between 1:3 and 1:6 to get the best balance of top speed and acceleration. Depending on the frame I put all of this in and the number of batteries the final weight should be 150kg (331lb) to 180kg (397lb) with me on the bike (150lb).

Goal is to have a top speed of 40-60mph and the faster I get there the better. Motor is 72.1% efficient at 176.430A making 24.1225 N/m (max) of torque & 6kw power OUTPUT (8.3672kw input) @ 2388 rpm. Peak efficiency is 91.3% at 46.523A making 4.8125 N/m of torque & 2.0263kw power output @ 4021 rpm.

Theoretically the battery should be able to supply a maximum of 440A of current (11AH * C-rating) which almost seems to good to be true. If it is true, however, then it should have more than enough juice for this motor and I can safely supply the motor with 176A. I only want to buy one battery for testing, but I would plan on buying one or two more and connecting them in series to increase my range. Let me know what you guys think of this plan. Is any of my thinking incorrect? Any suggestions? I'm very new to this topic and hungry to learn so don't be afraid to tear my plan to shreds!
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