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Since I had to go to a conference by train on Monday and Tuesday this week, today was the first time I've done my normal commute since I got the Ampera.

It's not an entirely typical day as I had to pop to the sorting office this morning to pick up a couple of packages, and I took a short (3 mile) jaunt at lunchtime to show the car off to some colleagues.

I drove for 58.6 miles today, the majority on motorways ( doing around 80), and decided that as much as possible I'd drive 'normally' (i.e. How I did in my old car) - no hypermiling techniques etc.

I ended up with a fuel efficiency rating of 98.6mpg.

Tomorrow I'll leave a little earlier, set the cruise control to 60 and use L whenever I need to slow down and then see how much I can eek out.

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