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DS3 Crossback E-Tense
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First post here and my first "long distance" trip in my DS3 Crossback E-Tense, after picking it up last month. Nice trip although I did experience the "range anxiety" on the outward journey, especially as both trips were over the Pennines and I wasn't sure what the real world range of the car was. Drove outward leg in Eco mode and the return leg in Normal mode.

In terms of charging I used Osprey charging points to top up; had a problem with the first charging point not starting charging - took a few attempts but once it did kick in all was good.

Final figures were:
166 miles
Ave speed 42mph
3.6 miles / kWh

Most of those miles were on the motorway. Was wondering how those figures compare to what others are getting. Have had my abacus out trying to compare it to my old Honda Civid which would get around 39mpg, but think I've failed miserably!

Anyway, looking forward to doing more range testing when we're allowed to travel a little more :)
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