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I had to go to Belfast this morning to sort out my passport,which was interesting..my first time up the M1 here in the Zoe..no problems whatsoever,the chargers en route performed perfectly..The DRD (Guv'mint body over EV infrastructure) has a charger outside their building,and the closest one to the Passport place,so that was a must see..found a white Leaf on the other outlet as I arrived. Left Zoe sucking electrons there while I walked round to the passport office. I had left myself time for a charge at Ballygawley on the way up,but rush hour traffic kept me from getting there early,I was just on time..I now know Zoe's Limits better on the M'way,so I now know I can apply welly next time..So,that's the passport sorted..Had a walkabout,saw a pair of Leafs on Royal Avenue in sight of city hall parked one behind the other,but there's no chargers along there..Stopped to have a look,the Lady driver in the black one in front was in conversation so didn't butt in..The white one behind had an L plate up,It may have been the same one I saw ahead in the traffic on the Westlink on the way in.(Hi if any of those Leaf Drivers are on here!) Belfast's Ikea has the Ecotricity charger..went there,did some shopping,had meatballs while watching planes land at the city airport runway across the road..(I couldn't have been any closer if I had been in the terminal building!) another first,using that card.I decided to make for the rapid charger at Dungannon on the way back,it's ident is RC01..and it's a 50KW Triple..nice..(Must remember to go there next time and bypass the 22KW one at Ballygawley..) I hardly had time to drink a coffee from the nearby garage..(The grinder bin needed emptying first,and the Girl I pointed it out to had to go get someone that knew how!) it delivered 13KWH in 33 minutes..took 99% charge,home with 25 miles remaining..
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