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This week I had a little trip to Cheshire (100 miles ish) in my Leaf (aka The Toaster). Before lockdown, I would have used Ecotricity chargers and charged to ~95%. It was generally a stressfully miserable and slow experience.

From posts on this forum and watching YouTube videos - I learnt there were better ways. So I downloaded ABRP and set up my charging apps before I started.

ABRP suggested I use the Osprey charger at Abergele for 12 mins and then, for the journey back, top up at the GeniePoint Charger at Morrison’s Middlewich.

Off I set. Got to Abergele. Found the charger without a problem (Shame the hotel was shut as it looked nice). This is when things went wrong. I couldn’t get the app to work, so I used contactless which was tricky because it was very sunny and I couldn’t really see the screens or the lights on the car. I got in a mess, couldn’t unplug the car and I thought, here we go again, stuck in another bloody car park! I phoned up the helpline, resigned to a wait and more frustration.

That’s when things got better. The phone was picked up immediately by a very nice helpful lady. I explained my problem, she looked at the system and told me I was actually charging and had been for 15 mins! Duh! That’s why I couldn’t get the plug out! She explained how to unplug (you have to use your contactless card to prove it’s your car!) Then she suggested that next time I use the charger, ring them up and they would take me through how to use it (I did and another nice lady helped me). I was really impressed.

When I got to Morrison’s, I opened the Genie Point app, plugged in and went shopping. I didnt realise it was a rapid and had a good charge by the time I had come back. Once again another positive experience.

So things are getting better!

One question, I used ABRP on my PC and just noted down the location of the charger and the duration. Can anyone recommend a YouTube video on how to use the App more effectively?


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