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FITCAMX dashcam

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Fitted one of these on the ID4 today, haven’t really tested it yet but easy to view footage on the phone and seems decent quality (need to view on abetter Screen to see quality) but plenty of reviews online.

Very easy to fit once you figure it out, the harness piggy backs of the rain sensor so you don’t touch the lane assist camera at all. Therain sensor plug is quite tricky to remove and needs quite a bit of force to pry out.

The housing is bigger now but still looks very OEM.
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Any chance you live near the East Midlands and would be willing to fit one to my ID.4? :ROFLMAO:
I’m only up the road from you, happy to fit it for you whilst you have a coffee! 😉👍

It looks pretty neat, although my own dashcam install is a lot neater than the example ‘traditional install’ in the blurb! 😂

Mine looks rearward as well.
Which one did you get? And if that offer is serious, I just may take you up on it! I have an old (dying) dashcam now, been wanting to get a proper hardwired front+rear one for the ID.4, but I'm too nervous to install it myself...
I’ve recycled my Nextbase 222x from the ID.3, it looks through the car out of the back window, and it sees a bit more through the ID.4 rear window being a bit bigger. The add on polarising filter really helps the image quality as well.

I’ve piggyback wired it into the fuse box.

Yes, very happy to fit it for you if you get one. 👍
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Just want to publicly thank @Tooks for not only fitting my dashcam for me this morning, but also for letting my two kids run amok in his garden while he did it! 🤣
No worries mate, great to meet you, and your kids were brilliant, a credit to you! 👍🙂
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