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FITCAMX dashcam

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Fitted one of these on the ID4 today, haven’t really tested it yet but easy to view footage on the phone and seems decent quality (need to view on abetter Screen to see quality) but plenty of reviews online.

Very easy to fit once you figure it out, the harness piggy backs of the rain sensor so you don’t touch the lane assist camera at all. Therain sensor plug is quite tricky to remove and needs quite a bit of force to pry out.

The housing is bigger now but still looks very OEM.
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Has anyone actually fitted the dual camera set up? I have 2 thinkware F770 dual cam set ups that I have hardwire fitted myself on Golf R/A1, then our 2 Polo GTI+, so each have been in 2 cars, still going strong last time they were fitted. However, I'm loving the OEM look of these on the ID3 pics and indicated ease of installation. Presumably the rear cam is wired to the front and needs that wiring poking through the gap between headlining and tops of pillars until you get to the back trim to feed the wiring through the rubber trunking that the tailgate wiring goes through and feed through the tailgate body and fix at the bottom of the tailgate window (with the boot trim off)?
Buy cheap and you buy twice. These are popular due to the price and OEM look,but they have a very high failure rate over 2 years.

If you're serious about parking monitoring, you want a decent front/back dashcam set up with its own power source, or with 12v battery voltage monitoring so that it'll monitor until it is in danger of running the 12v battery down (about 48h monitoring between drives).

Something decent will be about £250 with front and back cameras - something like a Thinkware F790 2CH. I have had an F770 2CH setup for 7 years and it has been in 4 different cars. Easy to hardwire if you're DIY competent. It doesn't quite look as integrated, but it's quite small and I would puck function over form any day of the week. A dashcam that overheats, or takes poor footage in lower light is a complete waste of money.
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