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Quite a pleasant experience in the MG. I semi-followed Toms guide. Tom's Man Shed If anyone is interested in fitting a dashcam this guide is ok, play it at 2x speed though. ;) Also Tom has done the hard work working out which fuses to piggy back off.

Although instead of routing through the rooflining, because you're pulling panels off in boot, and lower in passenger foot-well I decided to go along inside the sill/floor finishing panel.

I went with the baby brother to the dashcam that Tom fitted. I decided 4k was overkill for me, so went with the standard Viofo A129 dual camera setup. Have to say i'm very impressed with this brand, it wasn't on my radar at all. I was all for paying twice as much for a Blackvue setup. 1080p front an rear, GPS, wifi, parking mode (various flavours) everything I had on my want list. Best of all it uses Sony Starvis sensors so night is like day, a very good set of cameras. The mini 805 clone I had in the Zoe (claimed to be 1080p but in reality was barely 720p on a good day) was terrible compared to this. Mind you it did cost a quarter of the price.

What I liked most about fitting the dash cam was the ease (with the right too, and surprisingly supplied with the camera) in removing the trim panels, and the fact they are solid plastic/metal hybrid clips, that clip out without breaking and clip back in securely. Some surprisingly decent sized voids for running a fat USB wire to the back camera through although I did rope in my 8 year old son with small dexterous hands while I held panels out the way rather than skinning my knuckles trying on my own.
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