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I have found some exploded diagrams of the leaf front bumper but they don't answer the question I have.

I removed my front bumper at the weekend to knock out a dent - followed a youtube video that really helped. Unfortunately I didn't take photos as I went along so not certain I have everything correct with the underside "board" now I have fitted it back on.

The bumper itself has a small lip that the underside board should butt up to but mine is sitting proud - there is room for air to get through gaps between the bumper and the board which I could easily solve by taping the two together! The gaps only appear where the lugs on the thick black rigid plastic "plate" occur.

Can someone tell me the order that the components should be bolted together? At present, from lowest to highest I have:

bolt -> washer -> underside board -> thick black rigid plastic lug -> bumper

I suspect that I should have the latter two the other way around.

Can anyone confirm?

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